Review: The Comeback by E.L Shen

Hi y’all, welcome back to the blog! My younger self would have loved this shining middle grade, decorated with figure skating references. Unlike Maxine, I have no plans to go professional but her journey spoke to me in an indescribable way. Content warnings: bullying, racism, microaggressions, mentions of injury Synopsis: Twelve-year-old Maxine Chen is just … Continue reading Review: The Comeback by E.L Shen

May 2021: Back From Break

Hi lovelies, welcome to my wrap-up for the month! This is the first post I’ve written in a longggg time and I’m glad to be back. I took a break for Ramadhan and life has been hectic since then. Very happy to share this wrap-up because I think I’ve finally pinned down the format that … Continue reading May 2021: Back From Break